Company Summary

Company Name Shikoku Matsuyama Lin Audit Co.
Address Ehimekennohgyokyosaikumiai Bldg., 4-4-2,Niban-cyo,
Matsuyama-shi,Ehime 790-0002 Japan
Phone (81) 89-961-4680 FAX  (81) 89-961-4681

Email Address
Representative Mr. Naoki Saiki (Senior Partner CPA)
Partner Mr. Fumio Kajiwara (Senior Partner CPA)
Mr. Kohji Kageura (Senior Partner CPA)
Mr. Ryohei Yoshikawa (Partner CPA)
Mr. Takanao Nagatake(Partner CPA)
Mr. Takashi Mouri(Partner CPA)
Associate Mr. Kunihiro Nakahara (Systems Auditor CPA)
Company Service Policy 1. As Certified Public Accountants we audit independently and
   responsibly so that our clients proceed in the right direction.

2.Apart from accounting, we give overall advice in areas such as
   taxation ,law, internal control and management, as well as day to
   day company operations.
   Should it be necessary we will take the initiative to help to lead.

3. We always try to have good communication and relationship with
   our clients, so that both sides can have honest and friendly

Service details

1. Audit based on Companies Act
2. Audit of Incorporated educational institutions based on Private School Support Act
3. Audit based on Shinkin Bank Act & Audit of Credit Cooperation based on Small and Medium Size Cooperation Act
4. Audit of Social Welfare Corporation,Social Medical Corporation & Medical Corporation
5. Audit of Agricultural Corporative & Fishery Corporative
6. Audit of Non Profit Organization & Public Profit Organization
7. Audit of Workers’ Unions
8. Audit of Local Governments
9. Other Audits (not Statutory)
The Other Services in relation to Audit
1. Business Advisory Services
2. Services for Initial public offering
3. Companies’ Valuation & Shares’ Valuation, Restructuring
(e.g. Merger , Acquisition or Split etc)

Company Strong Points

1. Even though we are a small sized local audit firm, two of us have substantial overseas experience in global sized audit firms, so we can cater for clients at home and overseas. Actually one of our clients is a subsidiary of a Taiwan listed company, and we advise them based on IFRS.

2. Prefectural Overall Audit, Balance Sheets of Local Governments, Advisory services related to Public Organization System Reform, Consulting for NPO Organization.

3. One of our partner is doing internal statutory audit as external director for one listed company. He acts an important role for accountancy, management, taxation and internal control system and so on. So our audit corporation has great insight for such sort of fields.